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7:00 pm Bristol, TN — The Pickin’ Porch
Bristol, TN — The Pickin’ Porch
Oct 27 @ 7:00 pm
EmiSunshine, with special guests David & Valerie Mayfield, LIVE at The Pickin’ Porch! 7:00 PM • $10.00 suggested donation at the door, kids get in for free • all ages
7:00 pm Sweetwater, TN — County Line Auc...
Sweetwater, TN — County Line Auc...
Oct 28 @ 7:00 pm
Doors at 6:30 PM, Show at 7:00 PM • $2.00 at the door • all ages
7:30 pm Benton, KY — Kentucky Opry
Benton, KY — Kentucky Opry
Nov 5 @ 7:30 pm
Doors at 6:45 PM, Show at 7:30 PM • $22.00 VIP, $19.00 Gold, $14.00 Silver, $10.00 Student, $4.00 Children 12 & under • all ages For tickets please call (270) 527-3869
6:30 pm Madisonville, TN — Eclectic Vibe...
Madisonville, TN — Eclectic Vibe...
Nov 11 @ 6:30 pm
EmiSunshine’s 3rd Annual Christmas For Families — Concert • Dinner • Door Prizes • Silent Auction • Toy Drive Doors at 6:00 PM, Dinner at 6:30 PM, Show at 7:00 PM • $20.00 Limited Tickets • all ages Tickets available online or…
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Barbara PetersSafe travels home. Good night!!😃

5 minutes ago

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Lorrie Hill HarlanI was there with my 10 year old daughter for her first concert , yall put on a great show! What a beautiful music legend Loretta Lynn is and how great of an opportunity for you to be there with her!!!

9 hours ago   ·  19

Priscilla SonneI am excited and so pleased for you and the entire band! I too, love Loretta Lynn and hope to see you two on stage together sometime in the near future!

9 hours ago   ·  4

1 Reply

Cindy HarrisSeen this young lady opening for Loretta Lynn Saturday night. Such a beautiful talented girl. Certainly a ray of sunshine! Loretta signing my books completed an already amazing evening. Hope to see you again Emi.

10 hours ago   ·  17

Andy SimmonsEmi hold that head up high young lady because you do belong. Everyday, everyday me and my wife and mother listen to you sing and you bring joy to our hearts. You are by far the BEST out there in my opinion. I've seen you twice and I plan on seeing you at Eddie's attic in January and I can't your voice and what you stand for. Love y'alls family values. God bless to you Mother Hamilton and the Rain!! And all the sunshiners. Rock on baby girl!!!!!

11 hours ago   ·  21

Shirley Holley NelsonEmi when I first found you on FB, I thought " oh my, she is so much like Loretta Lynn". But you have your own style, and I love hearing you sing! You are definitely an amazing young lady! 💕

10 hours ago   ·  6

Debbi FrahmMoments. Memories. Do you ever wonder who will be standing by your side in the years to come? Sharing your stage? Let's hear it from the boys, too.

11 hours ago   ·  6

Stan BrillWhat a Honor meeting Loretta Lynn ! She is a really Lady , and boy she sure can sing . I love your use of the word Humble . That will take you to more peoples heart that trying too impress .

11 hours ago   ·  8

Allison LandrumYou may be tiny, but your infectious spirit and your incredibly beautiful, unique voice is gigantic. You deserve to be on stage with legends for you my darling are legendary.

10 hours ago   ·  8

1 Reply

Joan BatchelderIt's been wonderful following you from the early start of your commission...God has truly blessed you with a gift Emi and you are using it to encourage so many people...including me! If it's your passion, it's your mission....He has opened so many doors for you and your family because you are "willing to go" and your are faithful to the call....It's an honor for me to follow you and to be blessed by the road you and your family are traveling...I saw you in Philly and we were so personable and real...never lose that sweet personality you've been gifted with....Have a blessed day sweetie

11 hours ago   ·  4

Valerie Wells WilsonWhat a wonderful experience! You remind me of her a lot in your singing style, and I'm so glad she was kind to you and didn't disappoint you. I saw her concert once and she was so sweet and funny, just as I had imagined she would be.

10 hours ago   ·  3

Donna MullisWhat an awesome privilege and experience for you, Emi! I am thrilled for your opportunity to meet undoubtedly one of if not the most true American country music legends! Keep singing! Your day will come! Your family is to be commended for helping you fill your purpose in life!

11 hours ago   ·  3

Connie G GreenI think you are right where you belong. Yes you are young but you are one amazing young lady. You just follow your heart. You know you got to be very special to stand on stage beside her. Love you guys

11 hours ago   ·  6

Charli May SeifertYou did a great will shine..I am proud to be your fan, love your music..I can't wait for you to come back and sing in beautiful mountains of Colorado :)

11 hours ago   ·  4

Steve MillerI'm sure that she woke this morning wishing she could have had the opportunities that you now have. By that I mean that she most likely has the same mutual respect for you as you do for her. That is why she took the opportunity to sing on stage with you. It was just as special for her. As long as you perform for the love of music, you will always belong. It's why the greatest like Loretta still do what they do. It's always about the music. Like Loretta opened doors of opportunity for all those women who followed her, you are also opening doors for little girls to follow after you.

11 hours ago   ·  7

Tim N Andrea PeveyWe were there last night Emi, trust me, you deserve to be there! My 9yr old loves you and Loretta, you keep doing what your doing and keep it classy like Miss Loretta, and some day you'll be the one sitting on that stage with some amazing young lady standing beside you in awe singing one of your songs that's she's practiced over and over! We're proud of you!

10 hours ago   ·  6

Tiffany FrakesI wish we could of seen you sing with her Saturday. How amazing! I'm so so so happy for you what a honor that was. You are beautiful inside and out. Your voice is so powerful Emi your a amazing young talented lady... Keep it up! ✌💜🎤🎶

10 hours ago   ·  2

Denise Sorro-ButlerOh Hun, this is fantastic, I have been with you from the start of your FB page when you just had a couple 100 people following you. I am watching you blossom in to the star you were meant to be. So proud for you. You looked just beautiful in the dress you wore! May Sun will always shine for you! <3

11 hours ago   ·  3

Joyce QuickThank you sweet girl for entertaining us. Please come back to Branson real soon. I didn't have a chance to visit your merchandise table, it was closed by the time we got to the lobby.

10 hours ago   ·  1

1 Reply

Eric IlasenkoCongratulations Emi! So proud of you sharing the stage with legendary Loretta Lynn - your star shines so brightly and your future looks even brighter!

5 hours ago   ·  1

Ed de la GarzaYou kiddin'? Well, You are a kid, kiddo, enjoy it and cherish Your childhood, You're growing up on us so fast and so gracefully too, and graciously to boot. Emi, I could see You were a bit star struck and broke character there at times somewhat, singing her song right beside her, but who can blame You? Heck I know I would too! Lol We could tell You were ready to leap out of those boots with joy, and that was a treat for us to watching You so exited and thrilled to be there with Loretta onstage. Good for You girl! We wish You nothing but the best and encourage You to own the stage and the influence Your country music heroes have had on You and don't be shy, even if he or she is right there beside You! Trust us sweetie, they are honored just as much as You are when that happens, heck if not, more I'd say. Absolutely because You know what? Emi, You are the future of country blue grass roots, Americana, gospel and beyond, as You'll see fit into the future and all of us music fans are grateful for Young artists such as You, dear, it's You and others like You on which the future of music depends on. I began in highschool for my brand of music (Rhythm and blues Rock and Roll but that's for another page however,) some of us keep at it, others drop out and play it as a hobby, others stay on it and do very well but no matter what, it's about fun and enjoyment of God's gift to everybody's ears, hearts and spirits, the music, Emi and I am sure Ms. Lynn would agree. You were great. You did Awesome! Congratulations, Young woman! We're so glad You enjoyed Yourself. God bless You and Your family, and kudos to Mom and Dad and uncle bobby, brother Jon,k the crew and fans alike. Glory be to God, in Jesus name, Amen, You guys. ☮ & <3 be with You always. :)

10 hours ago   ·  3

Mike StearnsLife holds many mystery's and Emily, you are part of the great wonders of music. Never wonder as you are part of the true style of real music that you are continuing to bring everywhere real music is missed. There are many who strive to make a difference with their music and you have transformed so many who miss what radio will never play (unless college and small stations) , true country. I think since you got to this point in your young life, Loretta has passed you a torch that will allow you on your journey to do amazing things and give everyone you meet the same feeling you felt with her. You will be someone many will look up to and want to do what you do. Young and old. Do what comes naturally to you and life will be more fulfilling than you could ever imagine. Keep up the great work you do and you and your family will continue to do wonderful things together. Thanks for being part of the music solution for us all, Mike

9 hours ago

Shirley JessomeWhat an awsome experience for you Emi, but you don't have to fill anyone's boots. You have GOD given talent, use it wisely, stay grounded, keep close to your family. And remember sweetie, music isn't your whole life, just one part of it. Your family is your greatest blessing, always thank GOD for the the musical gift HE has blessed you with. Enjoy your childhood, it only comes around once. I love your music.

37 minutes ago

Desi John CorcoranYour doubts care perfectly natural, but it's quite obvious that Loretta was just as impressed by your talent as you were by hers, we all take you seriously and have done since you were much younger, before much longer people wont even mention your age. There's an old saying, if you're good enough you're old enough ;)

8 hours ago

Connie WilsonMy prayers were with you EmiSunshine,I am so happy your dream came true,meeting loretta has been one of my dreams for 45 years and I dont see it happing in this lifetime.So happy for you and your band..

41 minutes ago

Andrea WeberThere is no such thing as the word TOO! You are enough EmiSunshine. And your boots are the only ones you need to fill! Stand tall and proud.

10 hours ago   ·  4

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