The music video for “Fly Possum Fly” has gotten a makeover, thanks to songwriter Grant Maloy Smith.

The Christmas novelty song, featuring EmiSunshine on lead vocals and Smith on harmony, was first released in 2018. The original music video consisted of illustrations from the accompanying children’s book, which Smith also wrote. The new video includes never-before-seen footage that was shot while Smith and Sunshine were recording the song at The Creative Workshop in Nashville, when Emi, who is now 16, was 14 years old.

“My youngest fans love the original video with just the pictures from the book, but their parents wanted to see me and EmiSunshine singing together,” Smith said. “We had only iPhone footage from the studio session, but I wanted to give the fans what they want, so we made an all-new music video version of the song.”

The song tells the story of magical, flying possums that save Christmas by pulling Santa’s sleigh after Rudolph comes down with the flu. Smith came up with the idea for the song after doing an interview for The Tim White Bluegrass Show.

“Back in 2017 I appeared on The Tim White Bluegrass Show about a month before Christmas,” White explained. “I noticed that there were possums everywhere in his studio: pictures, cartoons, and more. As a friendly joke, I wrote a bluegrass Christmas song featuring possums, hoping that he would play it on his show. He did, and the next thing I knew people were asking for a children’s book based on the song. I was an artist before I was a musician, so after Headline Books agreed to publish it, I did the pictures and, voila! The book was born. The great thing is that the book and song both come back to life every holiday season, so I get to sign books and play the song for the kids every year.”

The new Fly Possum Fly music video will make its national television debut on The Heartland Network on the program Country Music Today on Tuesday, December 18 at 2pm ET/1pm CT/3pm MT/2pm PT. The show also livestream on the network’s free Roku app and

The song is available on most digital platforms.

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