Ragged Dreams is just full of my heart! It’s an album born from the songs I have written along my journey so far! The studio experience was so relaxing and joyful that I feel it bled into the recordings. These 14 songs collectively are the essence of me right now! Essentially it’s done except for little things like icing! I’d love to put all the bells and whistles on this! To duplicate it right! To give it what it deserves! I set the goal low for what I’m trying to accomplish but I don’t ever want to be greedy! If I can master, duplicate, promote it that’s the least it deserves. If I could do vinyl, get press, tour, have merch to sell, and have a real radio promoter then I would have given it the chance it needs! I’m not asking for a handout! I’d love to reward everyone who donates! I’d love to see this get the lift that could help it fly! Not just so I could sing and play but so my songs could bring joy, heal sorrow, grant respite. So that’s my heart!

Learn how you can be a part of this project visit http://cwired.co/RaggedDreamsw